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See flat wall type front for AEROPLANE,Rustproof Ironpillar of 400AD
watermachine bow shooting as by arjuna,FUNNY here KRISHNA shoots arrow seeing in water,Hally comet described in hidu astronomical textbooks,bhutan vastu,ASHWAGHOSA in combodian stamp,Egyptian link with indian scriptures,son the list goes on here are the proofs on official govt issued postal stamps,which no one can challenge.

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Speciality :- Calculated velocity of light from Nannaya Maha Bharata, Banking History of early India,ISLAMIC and HINDU ANCIENT SCIENCES,
Prime minister Shri.Rajiv Gandhi released book containing my paper ON ASTRONOMICAL BHISHMA from RGVEDA.

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Speciality :- Calculated velocity of light from Nannaya Maha Bharata, Banking History of early India.
Prime minister Shri.Rajiv Gandhi released book containing my paper

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Banking History of early India,ISLAMIC and HINDU ANCIENT SCIENCES,

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World History of Playingcards from 3000years

The game of playing cards began long back around 13th Century. Pieces of cards with numerical and pictorial sequences and various thematic markings were used to play the game. this is a game of skill and chance. Most probably this game was originated in Asia during the earlier stages. The number of cards has been sometimes 97 and some times 78 or 62. The special attraction of the bigger set of 97 was 21 cards called as outs at or trump cards. It was generally thought that the gypsies who came from the east have introduced the cards into Europe. In England the card game was thought as a Devil’s game from Asia. Here are some stories about the invention of the playing cards. As we Indians think the devil’s dwelling is towards the western part of the world, the Europeans think that anything remote and mysterious is devilish and Asiatic. In this background Saint Bernard in 1423 A.D said in a sermon that a devil has invented the playing cards Satan was nothing but “Satan” of India. Its origin can be traced back to Chinese or Indian playing tablets or discs which have a resemblance of ganjifa cards based on Hindu mythological stories, the well-known chess game has also had its part in the development of skilled moves of playing cards.
There was evidence that there were games played with cards in Egypt during the time of Joseph. And Queen among the cards can be traced back to Bible in the book of Judith. The famous heroine here is the daughter of the Hittite tribe. Bussi writes in his history of Viterbo that the game of cards was brought from Serasinia, which was called as Naib in 1379 AD. there are three varieties of four-suit pack. Spanish and Italian version (2) Germany (3) French.
Diamonds and other cards are called as the following in various countries as explained in the Chad:

Diamond Bells Carreaw
Spades as Swords Acorns Pike
Clubs as Batons Leaves Trefoil
1-learts Cups ---- Ceur

King was present in all nations’ packs. Queen was not present in Spain and early Germen pack. Earlier numerical signs were projected as eight batons or nine swords which caused lot of confusion which lead to fights in Italy because of small size cards, where it was a problem showing them clearly.
Early French packs were simplified and were produced by stencil work, and were exported to other nations in Europe. This continued till tax was imposed in France over cards. And the card makers moved to Germany and Netherlands. Spanish pack has 48 cards only, without no.10.
In England Edward IV banned playing cards from Michaelcimas Day 29th Sept 1464 A.D. because the packs used were made in Rouen, a city in France. There was a bitter hostility then between England and France. Limited period card playing was allowed during Christmas by an order in 1541. That too only noblemen over £100 income per annum were allowed to play British Monarch Henry VIII year are allowed to people to play cards. He was a well-known gambler himself and lost more money than any one in that time.

Alexander Pope 1712 AD. described that the game was played during Queen Anne’s period as follows. Here is inverse from his Pen. Behold four kings in majesty reversed with hoary whiskers and a forky bear; and four fair queens whose hands sustain a flower. Company of makers of playing cards was granted a charter print cards by Charles I. The charter banned on I I)ecember 1628, importing of foreign playing cards into England. The cards are to be destroyed or confiscated at ports. 1’he English company paid one Earthing per pack as duty to the crown’s treasury. During the earlier period each card has mark of that company. William Watkins Dawson who was also the cloth worker contributed much to the development of playing cards. The royalty for each process is fixed in the constitutional amendment of 19 February 1631,which will be discussed separately in another chapter.
Lord Chief Justice of Kings Bench, Sir Hyde and others granted letter of patent on 16 February 1631.
The items patented are marks, stamps, prints, counterfeiting, quarrels, workmanship skills, false cards, Regulations of apprentices, payment of dues, paste board markers, penalties. Non-attendance of funerals due to the habit of playing games attracted a fine of 2s 6d. For other offences a penalty of £10 was collected and other minor and major regulations will be updated soon.
Some of the famous company markings are the Kings Arms. The Crown (1654) Dr. Sacheverell, the South Sea Arms, Henry a unique and popular brand was the Great Mogul, which was registered in 1741 by one of the wealthiest card makers of that day that was are one of the best cards available.
£5 fine was imposed if any company employed a foreigner in this works during 1719 period.
The first king of hearts was king Charles known as the great agne charlem who was crowned by Pope.
The Queen depicted on the cards was the wife of the great Charles. He had four wives, and none of them were really the heart throbbing Queens of the Monarch. So we can rule out them from our list.
Lets go to France in search of the Queen. Queen of Hearts in French pack has its origins from Judith. She was relative to agne charlem and was from Bavaria and wife of Emperor Louis I of France. She was not said to be of good character. So we have to turn our heads towards some other Judith. Lets turn to Bible and see the chapter Genesis 26:34. Here we find the 1-litittite prince from gulf region. She was remembered for good deeds such as killing the fire eating Assyrian general Flolofernes by hacking his head. In that era no woman has shown such courage she was very kind aM generous to the general people and poor. The great deed of the single lady had saved the nation of Israel from invasion of a devilish general. But wily Queen Heart only? Because heart means courage and Judith was seen as the most courageous woman of that era.
(A) Judith of 1650 AD was issued at Troyes is called as Paris pattern.
(B) The second Queen is Helen issued by Goyrand is known as a duvergno pattern and the details of Helen the Queen of Hearts will be discussed in later stages. The period of this card is from 1640 AD in Europe more about each card can be updated soon. The trump cards discussed earlier in a pack of 97 are as follow outs at--.